Thursday, January 5, 2012

Time endures, time heals

Take some time to smile when you're sad, to rest when you're tired, to love if you're feeling empty and to let go if you need to. Time endures, time heals. In this life, just take some for yourself, then you'll see, everything will fall right into place.

I was thinking what I'm going write my blog tonight since I can't think of anything then I remember a text from a friend. It was a beautiful message actually, it suits what I really felt nowadays. I don't know why these days why I felt to tired, I'm in the mood at work, that it came to the point that I commit so much mistakes. This is my first time that I open what I trully felt in my blog, I'm bored and in pain at lahat na...haha... Then, after receiving this text I realize that there is GOD above me na pwedeng kong pagsabihan lahat lahat. And I can left everything to him, I know time heals, my tears will dry and I'll be alright in time, in HIS amazing TIME. I know GOD has a reason why these things need to happen in my life to teach me some lesson in my life, to make me stronger. I'm still HOPEFUL. I mabye tired now a days but all I need is to make a deep breath and LEFT everything to HIM.

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