Friday, September 16, 2011

The person you love you so much is the same person can hurt you that much

"The person you love you so much is the same person can hurt you that much"  an excerpt from the story I write for 100 years..hahaha.. Lately, I don't know what's wrong with me I felt an over, over KATAMARAN..haha.. that I came to the point that eating and breathing are the only things in which I don't feel the same thing..haha..maybe because it's an obligatory...haha... What I should do to make my mind will work again I want to finish to this story, maybe, maybe I should be more focus on it. If I'm going to evaluate myself I'm not sad nor depressed though I'm quite bored eventhough I have so many things to do and I notice once again that I'm out of the race of my plans for this year..hmmm..and it's not good. Recently, my friends keeps asking me why I keep on smiling they used to it, well I just answered them na "Waley kasi mi dadets..haha", right there and then tatawa na naman kami. Lately, all of use have problems financially because our OT's and some benefits were cut because our company was experiencing chuvaness eklavarva..haha..but I don't know if it is true...or another one of their damn excuses...waaahhh...I hate that...hmmm... Even though I've cut down all my ka etchusan and kaartehan...haha.. but still I'm happy every blessings I received everyday and I am very thankful to my almighty GOD. I want to enjoy, Life itself is a beautiful journey, and I want to experience every detail of it. I think last month, I received a text from a dear friend  and I want to share this co's it's very nice something like this "If you can't be a Pencil and write somebody's life at least you can be eraser in his/her life"

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