Sunday, September 4, 2011

Going to Simala

Last Saturday, Me and Family had a trip going to Simala Church located at Sibonga, Cebu. Such a great feeling spending my time again with my family though it's a bit tiring since it's a 2 hrs drive from the proper of Cebu but it's worth it. Actually, it's not my first time going to Simala but I think it's my 3rd time already. And so far, ito iyong church na napasukan ko where in I can feel the Solemnity of the place. I can still remember the first time I was there napa WOW ako sa ganda ng place at nang pamasok kami I can feel something strange it's so solemn na nanayo ang balahibo ko. Ang SIMALA Church by the way ito iyong place na kong saan sinasabi na nagpakita si MAMA MARY and A DANCING SUN thats way in 1997 if I'm not mistaken. From then marami ng tao na pumupunta doon dala ang pag-asa na mabibiyaan sila ng miracles, to heal from their sickness and success in their endeavors.

The first time I was there hindi pa siya ganoon kaganda pero ngayon sobrang ganda na niya. Every testimony from the different people you can saw it in every corner of the Church... I want to share some pics Ive taken on the Place..

                       the view of the Church from outside...
                The Big Statue of Mama Mary located in front of the Church

                                             Inside the Church
                 The Miraculous image Mama Mary dressed in White

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