Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just a thought...

It's been a while since the last time I felt the urge to write again in this blog, yes!, here I am trying to write again. I miss everything about writing, the feeling you put everytime you write, and the happiness you can brought it in you. 

Many things happened in my life since 2013 got in, a lot of changes, some of them are good while others is in the contrary side of the story. I tried to open myself to someone else, I tried to trust and love again. So far everything was good. Yes, I am happy with him despite our own flaws we still tried to understand each other.

As I open myself with others, I learn to let go someone in my past. It's been a while since the last time we see other and talk. He's a friend and everything, until such time we step up the friendship that we have. He courted me, yes, we came into dating but I don't know what happened why it didn't work for us. But I know he's always been a part of me, before christmas we still manage to talk and he said maybe after 2 years. But within a span of years we didn't see other we still talk, give advises and he keep on warning me with the guys I be with..haha... I know hes with someone else but I still surprised when he said "he's getting married". I was stunned with the thought but things had just happened. And then he said he wanted to see me and I said yes. Were having dinner together with his fiancee, it was awkward...haha... But I still manage  to make things easier for us ako pah..dinaan sa daldal...haha..

But before we met I was thinking of something to give, for how many days I was searching until I end up to give him a book entitled Finding Refuge and Strength by Harold J. Sala. In my mind, I want to give something that can help him in every way cos I'm not there anymore (amards...haha)...


  1. Sino itetch flor? looks like diko ata knows hehhe nyways hugs and kisses for you

  2. hahaha, now ko lang nabasa rejs, sino si new or past?