Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hello FRIEND..

Recently, I’m writing to my blog about a friend who is very dear to me whom I miss too much. Yesterday, I received a surprised call from that friend of mine, I just thought that it was one of his joked since he always do that to me but when I look the number there is no country code, so it means the call is from the Phils. We meet and talked maybe for about 20-30 minutes since he is in the hurry since maybe…maybe…the line was busy…haha. I’m happy since the FERRO ROCHER I’ve been bugging him was given or else he know the consequences already…haha.. Well, we talked same as usual kulitan to the highest level, kumustahan and everything..hmmm… I’m really happy to see him again eventhough in a short span of time… ‘till next time my Ferro Rocher…

Von Voyage…

Monday, February 6, 2012

When faith is the only thing we can hold in times of troubles.

When faith is the only thing we can hold in times of troubles.

Yesterday, I experienced a terror that maybe I can’t forgot in this journey of my life. Around 11:59 am I was preparing my coffee when I heard something, I was about to ask my roommate what was that sound when I already feel the slow shakes around me until it is more fast. We are all in state of shock we don’t know what to do, as I remember I put my cup of coffee in the chair near me and I sit on my deck then my roommate stand from the front of her PC and she was staring at me with a blank face.  In my mind "Is it going to stop LORD?". Right then, I realized that we have to go out from our place and we have to go to an open area. The earthquake lasted for about 30 to 40 seconds I guess, after a minute the shakes stop but I feel that my body was really shaken…haha… I check the internet about the news of that earthquake incident, by then we know that it was a 6.9 magnitude earthquake that hits Cebu and Negros and its neighbouring islands.  Glory to GOD since Cebu was safe but we are all saddened when we saw the destruction happened in Negros.  But around 2PM on that same day a misunderstood news scattered that there was Tsunami may hit Cebu and Negros. Cebu encases the terror of Tsunami, people goes out their house with massive panic to find a place in which they are safe. I was already in office at that time when we heard a yelled from the 2nd floor and employees were running at our place since we are in the 3rd floor. There’s girl kasi that keep on saying that water is coming, some of co employees were already crying and it includes me. I don’t have a worry with my family since I know they are in the safe place.   The incident happen in Japan was already established on my mind, I send text to my friends saying I LOVE YOU…hahaha…since in my mind I really don’t know what happen next. But when we checked the net the Tsunami alert was already lifted around 2:30 PM…haha..But WE are thankful to the ONE above for keeping us safe. But the terror that we felt didn’t ends there since the aftershocks was also strong we can feel the shake every now and then. In every aftershock, the words in my mind LORD PLEASE BE WITH US. It was a scary experienced but with HIM, it makes me strong…Thanks to ONE above..

Glory to GOD to the highest..

Thursday, February 2, 2012

You can laugh at me and even accursed me but always remember you don't know truth, and I KNOW...and if you come that point that everything will confuses you, I will just smile at you...