Friday, November 11, 2011

Handsome little boy

Recently, I've been so busy from work because of the new tools and specs were being implemented and we're having a hard time in coping it. Everyday we have to render a 12 hours to work and its really really tiring..haha..though it can help us to have an extra income but the TAX sauccceeee me nakakawala ng gana work..haha... Well, I have a lot of work was on pending right now, including my plan to finish the Novel I've been writing for a long moment everytime I came home Im always tired, all I want to do is to rest, have fun on the net, chatting with my lovesotweet..haha..and of course watching my favorite teleserye. BUDOY is one of favorite as this moment though it's really a heavy drama...haha. It's a story of a autistic child but so masipag, sabi nga hindi hadlang sa kanya ang kanyang kalagyan. The show shows to me kung gaano kalupit ang mundo sa mga taong tulad nila. And it reminds of one of someone I met in the church, it was Sunday I was attending a 4:00 PM mass, then there's this kid who keep on smiling at me, they sitted before me. At first I just smile at him, he's a handsome little boy. Then, he really catches my attention because he keep on smiling and waving at me, when I stared at him I noticed that there's something at him, he was a special child. Through out the mass, I admired the love and patience of his parents towards that handsome little boy. He was very energetic, impulsive and very moody, there are time that he give on smiling at me then in a moment, he cried na naman. After the mass, I was very happy because I met that little handsome little boy though hindi ko naintindihan ang homily...haha...but after the mass I realized na dapat we should love and respect them because they really deserved it. And I know GOD LOVE THEM so much...

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