Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Escapades---BOGO

Last week, me and Arline have the best vacation somewhere at BOGO City though it’s really a very long drive 3 ½ hrs. from Cebu City but it’s really worth it when we step in the place. Actually it’s a small place which I think you can explore it, probably in a day but the place was really quite that you can really relax from the chaos and lime lights from the City. Actually, vacation it’s not only our sole reason why we go there but we also attend the wedding of our dear friend Analyn and Romeo. The whole wedding entourage was really beautiful from the church down to the reception place. The church speaks for elegance; the aisle was too long enough for the bride to shine with her beauty with her groom, well they look good together…hehe.. Our friend was teary eyed as she make her way going to the altar with her parents, me too as well, epal lang but that’s me everytime I will attend a wedding ceremony…haha.. Well the reception was really beautiful kung sana di lang umulan ng bonggils..haha..but still we enjoyed the food and everything…haha.. Then someone I think he’s name is Alfie shows us the beauty of place, well thanks to his kindness..haha..  Dinala niya sa kami sa kanilang Mangrove Eco Park, the place was really beautiful, though medyo nahirapan kami tumawid doon sa tulay wearing a 3 inches heels, it feels like hell,hahaha, but I really enjoyed that walk…so far that was the first time I experienced such kind of feeling,haha, iyong feeling na amazed sa ganda ng lugar pero bwesit ka sa heels mo, like na like mo siyang itapon somewhere…haha… But the walk was really worth it when we reach the end of that bridge, grabe ang ganda, mahirap edescribe..haha…kaya share ko nalang pics doon..haha… We stayed there for 2 nights and 3 days before going back to the City, such a great feeling though medyo ang room a bit creepy I don’t know why…haha..but nonetheless I enjoyed it so much… 

                   Iyan ang beauty bumungad sa beautiful

                             the walk..tinggal ang heels hirap eh...haha
                                              the bridge...haha
            bagong gising, walang lamos and suklay...haha
                                                my friend arline
                                                         the it..
                                                our dear friend Analyn
                              this beauty really amazes me..

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