Monday, August 15, 2011

Team building sa EBSCO

Last week were having a team building somewhere in Punta Engano, Lapu-lapu City the beach was great white sands and everything but not so so...hahaha. It was a great feeling when you have time to enjoy with your friends slash co-workers. And everyone enjoyed the activities and games prepared by our superiors and prizes of course no one can say NO to this…hahaha…Actually it was the first time that EBSCO were having a TEAM Building, maybe our new management decided to do this to know more of their employees and that’s a very good idea because as I observe everyone were really having fun. The foods naks walang akong say 3 lechons and etc. plus the liquors were flowing no doubts most my officemates really get drunk…haha. It was an overnight event and I love to be in the shore during nights listening the music created by the waves while the stars were twinkling miles away from me…naks…haha…its really relaxing…hehe

I want to share some our funny pictures during the event.

                                                       with friends
                                                               the food...yummy
                                                 my teammates slash friends for life...hehe
                                            Sand and Pebbles beach          
                                                      the games
                                                               party party afternoon

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