Monday, April 23, 2012

Hayyyy..Christmas...Christmas na pud..

12/23/2010 from friendster blog

Five days more to go then it’s Christmas time and I don’t know where I gonna spend it because this time I don’t want to celebrate my Christmas alone. Because probably this is one of the saddest Christmas I may have…haizzztt
Last week I meet the person who teach me to love again and the person who broke my heart again..hehehe…(winks…winks…one of the ironies of love…chuss). I don’t know what’s in me why I decide to meet him; maybe I want to test myself if he still can affect me. Or I obviously I still love him that still I can’t say no to him well…wink..wink..GUGMA..haha.. The time I see him, he is smiling at me at one corner right there and then I realized I still love him. As usual strolling at the mall and watching movies same routine we had everytime we had a date…hehehe… At dinner time he’s telling me that he’s leaving Cebu for good suddenly I was speechless. I was staring at him memorizing every angle in his face. Sadness embraces my whole being thinking the chance that this will be the last time I gonna see the person whom I care so much. I was convincing myself that I gonna be alright in time that one day I gonna forget this person but still its really hard. Haizzz take care always my DADDY…always remember you’re always a part of me.
And last week also I just felt so bad bec. of one person whom I don’t know why he has a very sewer mind (‘isa kang lech sa buhay ko…grrr). I don’t know why you hate me that much when I didn’t do anything to him…grrrrrrrrrrrrrr… Since I decide to meet mike that day mao wala ko mo OT wala sad ko pansina sa akong Choi for 3 days.haha…haizzz that week such a bad week for me..hahaha
While I was writing as this moment I was listening the song of Lifehouse hay its really good nakakawala ng stress..and again I escape the trouble in my mind…lol.. It’s like I’ve been in other dimension where everything seems really goood…wala ko ga drugs ana lang ngud ang effect nako sa mga Alternative ROck…I just really hope that i gonna be happy this christmas.

Exploring Boljoon-Oslob Cebu

Last week, Me and my friends was exploring the beauty of the Southern part of Cebu. Our first stop is the Cebu FortMed Club beach of Boljoon, it was a 3 hours drive from the proper city of Cebu. It was really far and the dizziness storm strikes me...haha...but when we reach the place it was not the luxurious than I expect. The beach is not that beautiful, I expect a place with a white sand and wide seashore...hehe..though it has a clear water but beware of sharp rocks cos my feet was cut a bit...hehe...After Boljoon we venture the place Oslob wherein you can found the whale watching but we don't go the place because it's too expensive but rather we go the Tumalog Falls on that same place also. The road going to the falls it's that not easy since it's too slippery but the walk is worth the wait the time we reach the place. The falls  was really beautiful, it was a hidden beauty beneath those rocks and long trees, untouched by a man's hand..haha..the water falls like curtain and it's very cold and I hope they will preserve the beauty of that place... I want share some of our photos..

                                                       at FORTMED Boljoon, Cebu
                                                             at Tumalog Falls, Oslob Cebu
                                                         @FortMed Boljoon Cebu
                                                        @ Tumalog Falls Oslob Cebu

                                               the road going to Tumalog Falls, 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Letter

 Before you walk away one last time, just one more thing: don't forget to remember me

Last night, I read a letter that breaks my heart in two...chusss..It was letter saying thank you and goodbye to someone so special to him. While reading that letter my tears fell because it brought me the times that I was there on that situation. I can feel the pain and regrets on that letter. Natanong ko sa self ko ganoon ba talaga kasakit magmahal ng tao. Ang masakit kasi doon kung ngboo na kayo ng pangarap kayong dalawa, kung kasama niya sa prayers mo and you look forward that time you grow old together. Then in a sudden it will vanished and it hurts na mawala siya kasi hindi mo na alam kung saan ka mgsisimula. Paano na ang pangarap ninyo that started to built tapos bigla nalang mawala. It's hard pero mawala k ng magawa kundi to accept and move on..

Haistt ng neng2x na hinoon ko last night...haha..

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Lady in Red Dress

She was pretty in her red dress
A smile delineates into her beautiful face
Yes, she was smiling but her soul was bereaved
Then she stares at me
I saw the sadness bosoms her thysoul
She smiles but her eyes cries with pain

Then she sits to the nearest
She raised her eyes into the happy crowd
She smiles but her soul shatters
She gazed into the abyss of oblivion's
She was smiling but I saw the tears periled to fall

Then a beautiful girl came to her handed with a white tulips
She gave it to the lady in red
She flashes her sweetest smile while holding the tulips
Then a guy came next to the beautiful girl
She cries while he embraces her love
Then the two souls meet
Their face sated with happiness
Their eyes glows with love

Tears filled in my eyes
Before I walk away from that place
I take glimpse the two souls
Satiated and enamored with love
I take my steps
A smile cast on my lips
Tears fall as I left behind
The beautiful fairy tale bechanced a while ago

A Lost of a Love one

                   Once IN awhile RIGHT in the middle of an ordinary LIFE love gives us a fairy tale

Last Thursday, I received a text from my older sister telling me that my Uncle was passed away already. After reading the message my Uncle's face suddenly flashed in I remember him when he pass in our house he would always greet me or anyone he could pass by. He was the husband of my Aunt, the sister of my father. He was a handsome man as I remember; he has an aristocrat nose, nice eyes, a man color and tall. Saturday afternoon, after my work I had to go home to attend the wake of my uncle. The time I enter their house I felt something in my back maybe he was there. I came closer to his coffin to see him; he was peacefully at rest after all the years he was fighting for his sickness. Then I saw my auntie not so far away from me she was smiling talking to my relatives but I can see the sadness in her eyes. A moment pass I approach her to give respect and then she told me my uncle is leaving her. I was speechless co's I really don't know what to say I just smile at her and give a hug. Sunday afternoon is the burial schedule of my uncle, around 12: 15 noon were already at the house of my auntie and some of my relatives. When the coffin is about to close I saw how my aunt cries. It was soul shattering when you witness one person cries down to its last tear when the one they love leave them. But no one can blame them they've been together with that person for so long and then in a sudden he's going to leave her for good.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Something New


It’s been a while since the last time I wrote something here not because I’m busy but lately laziness strikes me down its core…haha. So many beautiful things happened these past months but my lazy mind and hands are not always in the mood to write something…damn lazinessssss go away from me…haha. Month of March, I did something new for myself I’ve been planning to this for so long, putting a color to my hair…haha. Yes, definitely I do have the courage to do it, well thanks to my bestfriend for pushing me through, well she’s always been my stylish…haha. Maybe, it’s been a year or two that I always dreamt to put color into my hair but the fear is always there because of my brown complexion…haha. Inferiority is always been my enemy since from the very start…haha. I am afraid if the color would not be suitable to my complexion. But before deciding what color to buy much better if you would ask first to the person which is an expert into this field. Well, I just did the right thing since I don’t any have any regrets on the suggested color since it was good to me…chusss…haha. March is also the birthday of my ever dearest bestfriend, 2nd week is the exact date of her birthday. 4th of week February, I’ve been thinking already what gift to give, I was thinking for a material things but I just realized for a long time that we know each other maybe I give already those things in my mind. So, I shift into things which are not expensive but the value is there, so I came up doing a video clips. I gather some of her pictures from her adventures with her friends and of course pictures of her beloved angel from day she was born until the present. Doing the thing it’s not easy as a 1, 2, 3 churva since that was the first time I did a video clips. I tried it not only once but many times, sometimes my patience was not enough in downloading softwares from Power Director down to MP3 Cutter but the burning part was really hard to me since I’m not familiar with the NERO software but thanks to some tutorials in the Youtube I finally made it…haha. And it never disappoints me I made my bestfriend cry not with sadness but with happiness though it’s not that beautiful but maybe good…haha.